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Ralph Fiennes has apparently found his next franchise, will become James Bond's new M in SKYFALL

SwedishSkinJerSwedishSkinJer Posts: 1,053 ✭✭✭
edited January 2012 in General

It's long been known that Skyfall will be Judi Dench's swan song as M, and she is considered a co-star in that her story will be a significant plot point. Apparently, Ralph will first be introduced as a government agent and then take over as M near the end of the film, establishing himself for a sequel.

It's just a supposed insider story now, but it's consistent with what Ralph has said -- he's vaguely referred to the character as a government agent, and since M technically has no name that you could give without spoiling it his lack of specifics would make sense. Judi Dench had the role for some years so Fiennes may be on for a few more films after he takes over in Skyfall.


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