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The Printorium now open! (100% Authentic Harry Potter Prop Reproductions)

RyGuyRyGuy Posts: 7,802 mod
edited August 2012 in Movies
The Printorium online shop is now open!! They are selling limited edition prints of props from the Harry Potter films. It is all created by MinaLima which created all the school books, Weasley & Weasley items, Maruader's Map, Triwizard Cup, Horcrux Locket, etc. They are the brilliant minds behind these fantastic props. They also designed the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book which will see a rerelease this year with an extended edition.

Currently they are selling just four prints of The Quibbler, The Maurader's Map, a poster for The Quidditch World Cup and the DHp1 Daily Prophet. They come in a variety of sizes :)

They also have a Facebook page so be sure to go ahead and like them to keep updated on new ones to come soon:




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