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What´s up with Emma Watson on Twitter!?

dobby83dobby83 Posts: 422 ✭✭✭
edited August 2012 in General
So here´s what bugs much as I like her, I cannot help noticing that she doesn´t follow ANY(except from Evanna) of the potter actors..It´s weird! Cuz she started following Bonnie, and then she unfollowed, and then she started following Jessie Cave and Evanna, but stopped following Jessie! All of the Potter actors who have Twitter follow her, but she DOESN´T! I would just want to know why is this so! Is she not humble like we always thought? Does she even run her Twitter account? Did she not get along with any of them after 10 YEARS? Plz don´t say that she´s trying to take away her Potter image cuz it has NOTHING TO DO with it..she follows sooo many random ppl I can´t believe she doesn´t follow the Potter actors. What´s up with that?


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