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HPF Interviews: Rules

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To help keeping the forum active and to know the people over here better, I thought it would be a great idea if we performed interviews with users around here every week. It's a great way to know us better and have fun :D

Every week, we are going to create a pool and people will vote for the interviewee of the week. The user with most votes will have a thread created where we will ask questions, to literally interview the user.

What kind of questions?
You can ask anything, but remember: the interviewee can't be forced to answer personal questions and we must respect his/her will. As people are free to ask whatever they want, the interviewee is also free to answer whatever he/she wants.

How we are going to select the users to compete in the poll?
I'm actually thinking about it still. I have came up with two options: select the people on both leader's board or people choose 3 users and send the names by PM. Then, we would put the names in the poll, having its final result.

How long will the interview lasts?
One week, where, after that period, we will select another user to interview.

I've been voted in the poll and I don't wanna be interview
It's perfectly fine! We are only going to open the interview thread with the permission of the user.

What do you think, guys? Questions? Can you please help me with suggestions?
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