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Weird things you do with Film Score?

Darth LedgerDarth Ledger Posts: 6,531 ✭✭✭✭✭
I thought this could get interesting... Lemme start-

1. 'Imagine the Fire' is my perfect shower song. There's the intensity at the beginning as I wash my hair, then 2 minutes of philosophy time before an epic mantra begins where I wash my body. Followed by more philosophy time till I get out.

2. I listen to pieces from TDK, TDKR, and Inception EVERY DAY while imagining scenes to the book I'm writing. I play scenes in my head over and over.

3. Lament a girl I never could have. These pieces of music empower me to use this as motivation.

4. Create threads! I'm listening to 'Rise' as we speak.

What about you guys?
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