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One director for each Potter movie-

RichardRichard Posts: 48,635 mod
edited October 2012 in General
If I had to choose one director for each Harry Potter (readapted) I would choose the following-

1. Sorcerer's Stone- Christopher Nolan

Why? He would set the tone for the entire series.


2. Chamber of Secrets- Steven Spielberg

Why? Im sure he will add a few mixes in chamber that would help it feel fresh.


3. Prisoner of Azkaban- James Cameron

Why? He has an epic vision of things and POA could be done really well if we go the mistery route which James would do nicely.


4. Goblet of Fire- Alfonso Cuaron

Why? Come on we all wanted to see his vision for GOF after POA... It would be fairly interesting to see it.


5. Order of the Phoenix- Ben Affleck

Why? Politics. Need I say more?


6. Half- Blood Prince- Marc Webb

Why? He handles comedy, relationships very good as proven before.


7. Deathly Hallows- Peter Jackson

Why? Epic battles and storytelling. He would use great music as well.


Now what about you guys? Im interested to see who you would pick for each movie (:
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