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Mistakes/inconsistancies within the 7 books.

edited March 2008 in Books
This just shows how mad I am about the books but I have found a few mistakes in the books (English editions) that i think Jo Rowling should know about!

Firstly the change of first name of the Death Eater Rookwood, in the Goblet of Fire during Harrys trip in the Pensieve and the trial of Karkaroff he is called "Augustus" and yet in The Order of the Pheonix when the trio read the article of the escaped Death Eaters his name is "Algernon"

Secondly the spell that is used to reawaken someone in the Goblet of Fire is "Enervate" whereas in Half Blood Prince its "Renervate"

Just wondered if anyone knew anymore because I thought it was quite interesting, i will post more if i come across any more =)


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