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The Official Pottermore Discussion and Analysis Thread (ANNOUNCEMENT REVEALED!)

aaronaaron Posts: 20,945 mod
edited June 2011 in Root

Welcome to the Official Pottermore discussion!

So, as the other thread was getting old, musty, and lengthy with comments, I decided to make a brand new Pottermore discussion thread. Here are the two official links to keep up with news:

The announcement will air in 1 and a half days, so I thought the time was ripe. Here are the exact times the announcement will air:

United States PST - 4am Thursday morning
United States MST - 5am Thursday morning
United States CST - 6am Thursday morning
United States EST - 7am Thursday morning
United Kingdom - Noon on Thursday

Please use this thread for all speculation and discussion on JK Rowling's new project, Pottermore. When the announcement comes out, please use this thread for all discussion and analysis. Thanks!

EDIT: The announcement has now been announced. Participate in discussion, please!
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