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Unreleased Harry Potter Deleted Scenes

Sportsman180Sportsman180 Posts: 154 ✭✭
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Hey guys, I made a list of the Top 15 (+extra) Unreleased Deleted Scenes in the HP films. I ranked them in terms of personal significance and importance to the overall narrative of the series. I hope you enjoy the list.

Here's a group of very small scenes that didn't make the list:

"He's rather disagreeable, isn't he?" (SS) (at 37 secs)

Ron and the Other Boys Enjoying the Beauxbaton Girls Enter in Another Scene, Hermione Hates It (GOF)

Harry and Hermione in DADA (GOF)

Cho Looking Contemplative, Perhaps Accepted Cedric's Yule Ball Invite (GOF)

Yule Ball Dance Lessons (GOF)

The Egg Opening in Harry's Room (GOF)

Harry and Hermione Talking After Cho's Rejection of His Invite (GOF)

Harry Entering the Prefect's Bathroom (GOF)

Hermione Crying Over Cedric's Death (GOF)

Dudley Puking (OOTP)

Hermione and Harry in Potions with Harry laughing at Snape hitting Ron (OOTP)

Ron Supporting Harry in Dumbledore's Army (OOTP)

Cormac Confronting Ron (HBP)

Hermione and Neville Talking in the Slug Club (HBP)

Now to the good stuff:

Honorable Mention: Ginny is Disarmed by Greyback (HBP)

This is here simply for continuity reasons. For some odd reason, Greyback disarming Ginny has been cut from the Burrow attack in Half Blood Prince. It makes for an awkward edit where after Harry attacks Greyback, Ginny reaches for the ground (obviously to pick up her wand to defend herself). Given we saw this scene in the trailer, it’s pretty absurd to cut it.

Honorable Mention: Death Eaters Levitate the Muggles at the World Cup (GOF)

This is one of many things here for solid canon that shouldn’t have been deleted when it was obviously already filmed. It didn’t need to be explained, as it fits in the chaos of the scene, and is a great easter egg nod to the fans. It should not have been deleted.

Honorable Mention: Harry, Ron, and Hermione Fight Over Scabbers’ Fate (PoA)

I remember reading a script excerpt of this scene a few years ago. It was an extension of the Ron/Hermione Scabbers/Crookshanks fight where Harry gets angry at their fighting and he addresses how he's being hunted by a killer and they don't seem to care. I feel this scene is necessary as there isn't a lot of in-fighting between the trio in PoA, maybe this scene would've added to the tension.

#15: Lucius in his Manor and in Azkaban (OOTP)

This is here for its awesomeness. I'm fairly certain these have been deleted from the newspaper montages. To see Malfoy’s fall from Manor bitch-surrounded wine drinking pimp to goofball prisoner who failed to secure the prophecy from a bunch of 15 year olds displays Voldemort’s error in trusting him. Given this subplot becomes prominent in Deathly Hallows, we should be privy to these scenes.

#14. Krum and Hermione Dance at the Wedding (DH Part 1)

This scene was not in the script, but it was apparently (from rumors) supposed to emphasize Ron's romantic interest in Hermione and his jealously at her perhaps romantically linked with another (IMPORTANT FORESHADOWING MAYBE?!?!). In this scene, Krum was supposed to charm Hermione by dancing with her, until he ditches her for a dance with another Veela chick. There is also a moment where Ron and Ginny appear to talk while watching Hermione dance: (also seen in B-roll footage).

#13. Harry Reaffirms His Trust in His Allies (DH Part 1)

This is honestly just a few lines, but I feel a seriously necessary few lines. Harry feels like such a bystander at the beginning of Deathly Hallows Part 1, so after Lupin’s talk about an ally’s betrayal after Moody’s death in 7 Potters, Harry (like in the book) was supposed to reaffirm his trust in his friends, effectively taking control of the scene. Sadly, it was cut.

#12. Scabior Beats The Sh’t out of Ron and Hermione Gets Tortured Worse (DH Part 1)

As we all know, Malfoy Manor was watered down to about 15% of its actual intensity in the book. But as we all have heard as well, Nick Moran and Helena Bonham Carter as well as David Yates have told us that Scabior beat the sh’t out of Ron and Bellatrix tortured Hermione so much that Emma’s screams were “haunting”. Not much but this photo of Scabior mocking Ron has been released, but two actors’ and the director’s confirmation is enough to know that there’s a much more intense Snatcher capture/Malfoy Manor sequence sitting in there somewhere.

#11. Dumbledore’s Army Disbands (OOTP)

Not much is known from this scene other than what I remember from a few years ago was that this was the effective disbanding of Dumbledore’s Army after they get caught by Umbridge. As the pacing of OOTP is super accelerated, it would’ve been nice to get a few more moments like this to slow down and digest the story while also emphasizing how cornered Harry and the others were becoming (enough to go on a reckless rescue mission trap maybe?).
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