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is there a spell that repels the 3 unforgivable curses?


  • keetkeet Posts: 600
    I don't think so...

    I think that may be why there unforgivabel also because there evil but because theres no stopping it.....

    thats the way i9 think anyway
  • MicroFXMicroFX Posts: 555 ✭✭
    They can be blocked, like before its about to happen, and in Deathly Hallows didnt Harry have to learn to protect himself from the Imperius curse.
  • yeah and in the goblet of fire harry blocked avada kedavra with expelliarmus
  • i think you can use expelliarmus or protego to block avada kedavra and maybe crucio, but for the imperius curse it more about mental power i think
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    edited August 2009
    Avada Kedavra, at least, cannot be blocked or deflected in any way. The only way of avoiding being hit is literally just by jumping out of the way.
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  • [quote=Wilbo421]Avada Kedavra, at least, cannot be blocked or deflected in any way[/quote]

    in goblet of fire, harry blocked avada kedavra with expelliarmus..
  • egernhategernhat Posts: 47
    I think that was because of the wand thing
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    edited August 2009
    [quote=sectumsempra08]in goblet of fire, harry blocked avada kedavra with expelliarmus.. [/quote]

    Doesn't really count though, that was down to Priori Incantatem, not the actual spell Harry used. And Priori Incantatem is...beyond rare.
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  • well so there is a way to block it, technically. =P
  • and i thought priori incantatem was how harry saw his parents, not how he blocked it.
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    [quote=sectumsempra08] quote
    and i thought priori incantatem was how harry saw his parents, not how he blocked it. [/quote]

    Well, sort of both. Priori Incantatem is the spell which causes the wand to reveal what it's last spells cast were. I guess it is more down to the fact that Harry and Voldemort's wands shared cores from the same phoenix, but that also, without actually physically casting the spell, brings about a form of Priori Incantatem. When I said priori incantatem is beyond rare, I should have said of the sort that happened in the graveyard, and I guess it would be more fair to say that it was down to the connection of the two wands cores than to say it was down to Priori Incantatem that blocked AK.
  • Basically, as said above, the only way to stop being hit by these curses is really to jump out of the way.

    Exception is that you can block the Imperius curse with a certain amount of brain power.
  • hp4gwhp4gw Posts: 379
    wilbo -

    the only way to avoid being hit is by literally jumping out the way

    or just being a 1 year old kid with jet black hair and an innocent look in his bright green eyes


    oh, yeah - by just being harry potter maybe? hehe

    ah, is that what you're on here to discuss, or do you want to go and 'impress' us by making some of us - or maybe the majority i dunno - feel inferior to your harry potter intelligience?

    ye dude - you arent the only one studying film here, so stop speaking in a posh, patronising tone - and leave us be!

    speak to us in a normal tone, without forcing your opinion down our necks

    ye we get it - you know a lot about harry and films and all that yer? you probably know a lot more than us - but you dont have to give us the gory details - a nice little simple answer to a simple question is easy - and please give other people a chance to answer first

    it seems like people always say 'wilbo? where's wilbo?' whenever your gone for - what - a day?

    sorry, willie - but that is the way i feel - and i will not be patronised and put down in a place where i go to escape and talk nicely about my favourite topic - harry potter.


    Harry Potter Lover :-) (and also Won Won)
  • hp4gwhp4gw Posts: 379

    sorry about that waffle up there, guys - that was aimed for wilbo and i guess because i was talking to him i just felt i had to say what i felt - because i DO feel like every time i go on here someone asks a question and wilbo is always there giving a superior answer

    call me crazy or stupid or whatever you want - but i do want to come on here and be able to ask a question without having someone stick an essay under my nose

    please dont anyone be offended - we're all harry fans in this together, yer?

    but i just felt some of wilbo's answers were a little - yes, i know i have said this already twice now - but i feel they were patronising

    some of em

    sorry, that is just one of the things i LOATH - being patronised - it makes you feel stupid and dumb and - as i have said before - inferior

    sorry :'(

    it just makes me mad, that's all :|
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    edited August 2009
    I'm not patronising anyone, this is how I type. I like to be clear and I don't like being misunderstood, so I make everything c.l.e.a.r. and explain stuff fully. Sorry if that pisses you off or makes you feel patronised, but that's your problem, not mine.

    And I said the only way to avoid being HIT by the curse is to jump out of the way. Harry was hit, but he wasn't killed.

    And if other people want a chance to answer first, they should get there first. This isn't a game, if someone wants an answer to a question, I will give it to them when and where I can, giving them ALL the information so they can fully grasp the concept which they have questions about. I'm not gonna ignore someone's question and just let someone else answer it, that's like going "HA, I know the answer to your question but I'm not going to tell you. You just wait.".

    If my "essays" aggravate you, don't read them, and DON'T complain to me. I'm only trying to help other people, and I'm not going to stop just to let people have a say when people can have their say anyway. My comment is just another in a long thread of other people's that you can choose to ignore or pay attention to. And I'm DEFINITELY not going to stop cause somebody's reading too much into the intention behind my replies. So, like I said, your problem, not mine.

    Things aren't always cut and dry, you know. I answered the person who started this thread's post with a simple answer, for instance, and then it got more in depth as people started putting forward more questions which NEED a more in-depth answer to be answered properly.
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  • hp4gwhp4gw Posts: 379
    ye mate - i'm saying it's because YOUR always there - YOUR always constantly there

    and it is my problem, but it concerns you and i feel like you are always going to keep on commenting and judging on every last thing someone does

    yes i might read into it a bit but it's because your hard to ignore - you're one of those people on here who stick their noses in every nook and cranny and i think it's great you know the answer's but - for example - if someone says (stupid example but whatever) 'what house is harry in?' and you say 'gryffindor' they prob say 'thanks' or something - then another person might say 'gryffindor' and you say 'ye thats what i said'

    i noticed you have done it and that is part of the reason i had to express my feelings on it today - they KNOW you said it - they appreciate that you said it, they said it too probably because they want to answer a question that someone has put across to the WHOLE FORUM - which is made up of god knows how many members.

    ok? soz, i am a bit sensitive and i felt you were being a bit patronising - and i HATE that - with all my gut feeling - i hate it -it's not even in the way you type just the tone and everything - i'm not saying your posh or anything stupid like that i'm just saying you dont have to say everything in a way that makes people like me think that you think you're god's gift when you're not!

    nobody is - you may be the smartest kid in the world, but i think it has got to the point where everyone kind of relys on you - and i think they really shouldnt.

    my opinion - again, sorry, i got a lot of em :)

    just lay off a bit, is all i ask - ye?
  • hp4gwhp4gw Posts: 379
    and i know you said being HIT, but i meant that harry was the only one who was hit and not killed - and anyone else would've had to jump out the way

    That's All

  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    edited September 2009
    Well, no offence, but what really is the point of posting the exact same answer more than once? Unless it's on your personal feelings about something? They can still post whatever they want, but I can still post if they seem to be answering a question that has already been answered. The main thing annoys me about it because, or USED to annoy me about it, is that it was always little things like repeated answers that pushed other more helpful threads to the bottom of the pile, where nobody sees them unless they are you who goes back pages and answers every single thread. It's the main reason I asked the mod to make the deathly hallows thread sticky.

    And that's another reason I answer so fast, because while the threads already at the top of the page, when you answer in it, you're not going to be pushing anything else down.
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  • [quote=hp4gw]speak to us in a normal tone, without forcing your opinion down our necks [/quote]

    Just gonna say he doesn't have a tone as he cannot speak on the forum. And secondly you sound wayyy jelous. He is helping people, get over it.
  • hey one is forcing you to read all of these posts. and like you said the point of these forums are to write your OWN opinions and those things that wilbo writes are his opinions. if you want to write your own opinions then let wilbo write his. because thats what a FORUM is all about..
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    [quote=Rosie]Harry would be awesome at dodge ball. [/quote]

  • if you dont know, read the books! :p and that's never a bother!!
    good places to find out: "Mad Eye's" lesson about them and any time they are used.
  • l0l r0sie

    i'm s0rry guys - i still l0ve y00h all hehe


    s0rry wilb0 - i w0s in a terrible m00d dat day and had a l0t0f feelings, as i always d0

    i'm s0rry and i pr0mise i will just keep myself t0 myself - and if a c0mment u sed ann0ys me in any way i will be the bigger pers0n and walk away? 0k???


    where's harry's pincers when u need em? hehe

  • ElderWand98ElderWand98 Posts: 20
    I think to avoid being HIT you'd have to dodge it, but to repel the imperius curse requires brainpower, and Avada Kedavra own the Elder Wand and be attacked by it, or have someone die to save you, like Harry did... your best bet's to move out of the way.
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