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Which Potter film do you believe is the least PG?

Lord StaffordLord Stafford Posts: 26,817 ✭✭✭✭✭
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For all intents and purposes, i believe that it is GOF. And now... onto my explanations for and against with each of them.

PS: There must be something wrong when this has better deaths than the last film. But, all the while, this is of course the most PG. It is almost strictly for children unless it is watched by and with their parents.

COS: Whilst it doesn't have that much going on, it is probably the scariest childrens film around. It is chilling, thrilling and it contains alot of death. How can this be a PG? Well, it does, like i say... include alot of death. It isn't hidden, and for some reason, WB weren't a bunch of pussies back then.

POA: This is when they up the ante. The darker themes are now even more in the forefront of the story. The whole climax has a feel about it that doesn't feel right for children. We see the process of someone having their soul sucked out and almost taken for good. We see the equally gruesome process of the human into werewolf transformation. Neither are particularly pleasant, now, are they?

GOF: The whole tone of it, there are a few jokes here and there but they are not as detrimental as HBP's. Even in the first minute, they have something for us to chew on our fingernails for. The graveyard duel and confrontation alone is the least PG moment in the series, that's for certain.

OOTP: With no disrespect, this could have easily be made by Disney. It has the overall look and feel about it, that whilst it is teenage angst and all that... it still has a clear and vibrant sense of being somewhat childish. Only when we finally see Dumbledore and Voldemort face off, do we see a glimpse of things to come.

HBP: If fellow filmmakers need any reminding... this is the definition of a chance lost. As good as it is, it still goes down the drain with the cafe scene. For all the wisecracks, it is still good. It just is what it is 'a chance lost' as far as adaptations go, this is very bad. You read the book and then watch the film, and you can't help feeling that something was and must have been very wrong in the creative process. This is perhaps the darkest book, and for many reasons, but it is also the lightest film along with OOTP.

Part 1: It's no wonder when they are out and about in the wilderness, that they would be captured, attacked, and almost raped in Hermione's case. This is a film without cheesy jokes, unless of course you call the dance a joke, which i do. The Malfoy Manor climax is the perfect example of when you can tell that any of us fans might indeed be just as talented as a 'professional screenwriter'

Part 2: You want lies and American humour galore? Come and see Part 2. If i was to adopt an advertising voice, that would work quite well. Apparently this would be a 'war film' and in the genre of 'epic' not just for the sake of saying it. It is neither 'war' or 'epic' because if it was, it is lacklustre in both departments, as is the space filled by and because of Mark Day. Like i said... there must be something wrong when PS has better deaths than this.

Lord Stafford.
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