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The Official Announcements Thread

RichardRichard Posts: 48,635 mod
edited July 2012 in General
It has come to my attention that earlier this month.... many members have been breaking the rules.

NOW should anyone, break any more rules from now on.... they will be punished.

Here are the rules once again people:

1. No attacking other members.

2. No trash talking other members.

3. No rude comments.

4. No major pornographic images .

5. No spamming.

6. No posting private PMS or messages/email. Unless both parties are in agreement.

7. No posting/asking for illegal torrents in threads; only unless it is via PM.

8. No using multiple accounts to upvote your own content for points.

3 strikes and you are out.

Dont forget them, one can joke with the name calling and all but many of you break the first 3 rules. I will start enforcing this from now on, so be wary if you recieve a strike thats that (unless theres a misunderstanding) So please try to get along. Oh also if things happen in tinychat, they stay there. I will not ban someone for soemthing that happened OUTSIDE hpf. Also when you break your second strike there will be a permanent ban.

Read this carefully. And if you have any questions go ahead and ask, or if you have anything to add PM me or comment it whichever you prefer.
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