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Fun with Harry Potter.......

lupinshowllupinshowl Posts: 369
edited October 2009 in General
I was just wondering if anyone had any good Potter jokes out there............I found this one and thought it was funny and wanted to share it.....................

Three friends, a Gryffindor, a Ravenclaw, and a Hufflepuff, went on a hunting trip. The first night, the Gryffindor student goes out and comes back to the cabin with a big deer on his shoulders. The others ask him how he did it, and he coolly replies, "I saw the tracks, I followed them, and bang! I got the deer!"

The next night, the guy from Ravenclaw goes out and comes back with an even bigger deer. His story: "I saw the tracks, I followed them, I made certain I was downwind, I took careful aim, and bang! I got the deer,"

So the Hufflepuff decides to give it a go. But the next night, when he drags himself back to the cabin; his two companions find him bruised and bloody all over. "What happened to you?" they asked.

"Well," replies the Hufflepuff, "I saw the tracks, I followed the tracks, and bang! I got hit by the Hogwarts Express."


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