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Today is the Ninth Anniversary of the release of Order of the Phoenix

RyGuyRyGuy Posts: 7,802 mod
edited June 2012 in Books

On June 21, 2003 Harry Potter fans everywhere were thrilled to receive the fifth book in a seven-book series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. After an unprecedented three-year wait between the fourth and fifth books, Phoenix did not disappoint with both its page count and emotional depth far surpassing the previous novels.
Pre-orders for the book on topped a quarter million, compared to just 65,000 pre-orders for Goblet of Fire in 2000. Worldwide, Phoenix received over 875,000 pre-orders. Over 8.5 million books were printed as part of the initial U.S. print run for Phoenix.

In The Order of the Phoenix, readers witnessed the tragic death of a mentor for Harry, faced the terrifying reality of Lord Voldemort returning to full power, and met for the first time a quirky colleague of Harry's named Luna Lovegood. Yesterday on Twitter, Evanna Lynch (who portrayed Luna in the film adaptations) wrote the following about the significance of the date: "Happy Literary Birthday Order of the Phoenix and LUNA LOVEGOOD! Woohoo! 9 years since we met!! :)"

What are your thoughts on this book in the series gang? Is it a favorite? A least favorite? What were your favorite and least favorite parts?



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