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  • Re: Glee

    Well I think the show is just an utter shambles. You know something is wrong when you actually look forward to Kurt and Rachel's scenes because McKinley is stale as a grey dog shit and the characters are so unlikeable you pray for a Columbine storyline. Marley and her fat mum is slightly redeeming, but that annoying fucking tranny needs gunning down ASAP. (I have nothing against trannies, just annoying bell-ends), and don't get me started on the "bad boy" and Darren Criss the stupid fucker. The show needs new writers. Actually, just scrap Glee club, scrap McKinley and focus on a few characters and their lives in New York, it's a clusterfuck of extremely unlikeable, obnoxious teenage twats, and it's a mess. Are we supposed to care about these people? If so, why develop them in a way to make my blood boil, give them some redeeming features, I'm sure it's not an accurate representation of American teens.
  • Re: Rate/Review the Last Movie or TV Show You Watched

    V/H/S - We watched this tonight and I enjoyed it. Amateur Night was a decent opener, with realistically drawn characters (we all know people like these douches) and a nice payoff. The Strange Thing That Happened to Emily is a series of Skype conversations which I found especially intriguing, with a nice twist, and leaving you with plenty of questions to mull over. I felt genuinely bad for Emily.

    As a fan of Ti West's classic, slow-burn approach to the horror genre (and one of the reasons I was interested in the film to begin with) I was looking forward to his short in this anthology. However, Second Honeymoon was one of the weaker segments for me. Seemed a little out of place, and the payoff wasn't worth the journey. It had great atmosphere though, typical of his work.

    10/31/98 I actually loved, classic demonic haunted house, with some nice effects put to good use, and suspenseful. Tuesday the 17th was pretty random, nothing particularly new, but I liked the effect of the killer and I guess I'll remember it when I'm wandering in the woods next.


    Keith Lemon: The Film - Unfunny, like Keith Lemon himself. 0/10
  • Re: Paranormal Activity 4

    All this talk of needing to stop and getting overkilled, I thought I'd stumbled in to the Pirates of the Caribbean thread by mistake!
  • Re: The Official Pottermore Thread

  • Re: The Casual Vacancy Official Thread - New Book by Jo (ATTENTION SPOILER)

    I found it mildly entertaining with realistically drawn characters (I grew up with Krystal Weedon's, Andrew's, and Gaia's), and I think she painted an accurate picture of modern British council estates with The Fields. It was nothing special, certainly no masterpiece, and it's only as big as it is due to the name attached to it. But worth a read if you're in to that kind of thing. Btw Hogwarts doesn't even show up until the penultimate segment and by then it feels tacked on and redundant, Dumbledore's cameo was unnecessary too imo.