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Henrick · ✭✭✭✭✭

We should have a Tinychat gathering to remind of the old good days. I miss my bitches :D <3


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  • Re: The Maze Runner Trilogy

    :O I just realized that I wasn't here when the trailer came out :P

    My opinion on it: For a low budget production, it looks huge. So far, I loved the design choices and the art direction seems to be very solid. Still, I am really worried with the script. One of the biggest and only flaws of the books is the dialogue. Not very well developed and maybe too self-explanatory. I know that the trailer is supposed to provide a synopsis but the dialogue and some lines...

    "I think it is time we find out what we are really up against"
    "Everything started changing the moment you showed up"
    "- Why are we different?
    - What if we were sent here for a reason?"
    "You are not like the others. You are curious."

    Not impressed. And maybe it is too early, but I was a bit bothered with the acting. Too mechanical. Can't wait for the other trailer, though. :D
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  • Re: Why was Henrick Banned...?

    Hello guys. I wasn’t planning to post on here or ever coming back, but I do feel that I need to make a last post, especially after I received an anonymous e-mail attacking me and saying awful things. First of all, I want to clarify things, as I feel that there are a lot of people that I consider a lot. I wasn’t “banned”, as some of the users here have been assuming or telling others. I was, indeed, demod – apparently because of flagging disagree on Activity (and I thought it was fair – but interesting - that I was punished for that since I’m probably the guy with the higher number of disagrees, Troll, Spam and Abuse in here and ALL, no exceptions, of my activity posts are flagged. Some of them with 10 clicks). Still, I apologize for my attitude and I’m not proud of it. So yes, I wasn’t banned, but I was demod. And since that happened, it made me question my position on HPF.

    You have no idea how much it hurts to leave this place. I’ve been here for three years now. This place saved me from some really dark moments in my life and I thank you for that. And this is one of the reasons, besides the awful e-mail I have received, why I’m writing this also. I don’t think it is fair to not give a proper explanation to the people – I’m not sure if anyone do, actually but I would assume that at least 2 or 3 of us would – that care about me. I feel that the forum has been affecting me emotionally lately. I know that I have a strong personality, that I can be pretentious, arrogant, strong headed, stubborn. But well… I guess I am a human being also. It was never my intention to be disrespectful and offend anyone in here. And I apologize from deep down of my heart if I did. My biggest problem here has been the negativity. I’ve became someone that the majority dislikes and I started to question if I should stay in a place where people don’t want me. Why should I be here if people hate me? What type of benefit will that bring to my life? It was just hurting more and more to see and notice how people has been seeing me. There is that phrase that says "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen". I’m not selfish enough to say that. If I’m not welcomed or desired here, I will leave. It was simple as that. I do think that I contributed a lot to the forum. I was always taking care of the dashboard, I always tried to come up with new ideas to keep the forum alive. New series, new threads, new discussions. And I think that deep down you guys acknowledge that. Still, I feel that it wasn’t being appreciated anymore. My presence itself was being treated as inconvenient. So I had to look at myself and be mature to decide “I have to leave, move on”.

    I think I could never be able to stop accessing the website for my own will. I don’t think I would be able to do that. My original idea was to delete my account permanently. But… I remembered that if that happened, most of the content I posted would probably be gone (even if I wasn’t sure of it) and well.. I’ve got a couple of threads out there so that wouldn’t be fair. So I immediately thought “If I ask for a moderator to ban me, I won’t be able to access the forum anymore”. And that sounded good to me. Trust me, I don’t want attention or anything… I just want to leave a place that is affecting me emotionally. That’s all. Anyways, I barely have time to access the forum anymore (as some might have noticed). I’m always busy with work now and for you guys to have an idea, I spent my whole lunch time writing this. So yes. I approached Sami, one of my best friends here, and asked him. He disagreed immediately, but soon he understood. Specially after seeing and telling me some of the comments from people here. I have talked to Rich also, who also seemed to understand me. And I thank you guys so much.
    I haven’t read the whole thread, because I know that there are probably a lot of hate comments, name calling, cursing. I passed through the posts quickly, but it broke my heart to see people that I considered saying things. Especially when I’m away and I can’t defend or stand up for myself. I guess it is easier that way, isn’t it? I just wished this people would have messaged me and talked to me before. But… it is in the past. So yeah… In the end, it is just a confirmation of why I should leave and move on. I’m not liked here. And it time to stop torturing me and force people to like me. I think I just need to be myself.

    As I said, I know I’m arrogant, pretentious, stubborn and I can be an ass sometimes… But, deep down, I still have a heart. I have emotions. I think most of the people here don’t know me that well. Sometimes we just try to create this shield to hide who we really are. And honestly? While I might look tough on the outside, on the inside is different. Once again, I want to apologize for any inconvenience and distress I have caused. I wasn’t banned because I disrespected he forum rules or anything. It was entirely my choice. And no. I do not intend to come back anytime soon. I want to apologize for the people who cares about me. I’m so sorry, guys. I just need to eliminate any type of negativity from my life now. Being away from your family, trying to start your life from sketch on a different country is already tough enough. Also, I apologize for unfriending everybody on Facebook. It is not personal. It is just a way of move on and try to forget about this place easily. Still, I will keep you in my head forever… For the person that wrote the hideous e-mail: I feel sorry for you. If you need to hide yourself and write an anonymous e-mail to someone you probably don’t have a lot to do with your life. But I don't mind. You don't know me in person so you can make the assumptions you want. And in the end, I don't feel mad or angry. I just feel sorry and I hope you find the light to guide you to less hate and more love.

    I just wanted to thank you all of the people that made part of my life these past three years. You guys brought me hope when I couldn't find it, fun when I thought it didn't exist. Rich, Sam, Adri, Jason, Brett, Lukey, Joli, Tiina, Ash, Jeff-o, Ry, Liz, Cathy, Chester, Yony, Matt (you will go far buddy. keep following your dreams and never give up on movies and filmmaking. I can sense something on you and I think you will have a bright future), Ernie... You guys are amazing. Sorry if I ever offended or disrespected you. It was never my intention. I'm leaving, but I will always remember and be grateful for the amazing times. I wish the best for all of you and this is indeed my farewell. I don't intend to access the forum anymore. And you don't need to reply as, I apologize, I won't be able to read. I just wanted you to know.

    Thank you.


    P.S.: If you like discussing movies, try visiting the Awards Watch forums. Great place for discussions.
  • Re: Official Fantastic Beasts Thread - DAVID YATES TO DIRECT FIRST FILM

    However, as we know completely, writing books is way different than writing films. Jo will be inexperienced in writing a screenplay, and I bet she will want all the tips she can get. She knows the story she wants to tell, she knows what makes it in the film (from her mind) and what doesn't--all the things that purists would whine about the Potter films, that won't be the case here--it's coming right from her. The thing is, she should get all the help she can get as to how to write it. Like others have said, I'm sure it will be great. But just because it's the Potter writer doesn't mean it's going to be the best script ever.
    This is so true. Writing an story is totally different than writing a screenplay. And it is the exact reason why authors do not script adaptations. She will need help and I hope she is aware of it.
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  • Re: Movie recommendations!

    Guys... I wrote the review in the Rate thread, but I can't stop thinking about it. Go watch it, as soon as possible. It's phenomenal.


  • Re: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

    Is Fox retarded or something? I just realized that this is getting released on the same weekend of Elysium, Planes and We're the Millers. Elysium has been getting a huge Marketing campaign (at least here in Canada), and have the star system on its benefit. We're the Millers has received good promotion and well... R Comedies are definitely attracting more people to the movies. Planes should grab the younger/family audience.

    Is Fox really counting only with the Percy Jackson fan base? I might be really wrong, but for me this will be one of the biggest failures of the year next to The Lone Ranger.

    I just hope that they don't screw up with The Maze Runner. Makes me worried.
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