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Senior Year is finally here. School starts Wednesday! I hope you all have had a great Summer :) please keep in touch if I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you are all doing fantastic on your present life adventures. Sending positive vibes everyone's way. With Love, Uncle Ry :)


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  • Re: Official Fantastic Beasts Thread - DAVID YATES TO DIRECT FIRST FILM

    "They love to hate, and I don’t care; let them hate. They’re still going to see the movie!"

    Yates is a good director but I can't forgive him for Half Blood Prince, and Part 2 of DeathlyHallows verges on the sufficiency. Despite this, I have good hopes for the first film od Beasts. But that's it. We want new faces please WB!!!!!
    This is what had me so disheartened when I heard the news of Yates. At the time, when I was young and oblivious I was in full fan mode "YESSS FANTASTIC MOVIES YAAAAS". Well, now that I'm older and wiser I sit back and I have to skip many parts of most of the films besides POA and OOTP. HBP Literally serves no purpose in terms of storytelling besides the final twenty minutes. I'll keep all these opinions to myself and If you love them all that's fine. This isn't a post to attack any soul, it's mainly for me to vent about the possibilities of the future.

    This isn't all of Yates' fault however. There are the producers. David "lets cut this scene because it looks like its out of Saw" Heyman. More than likely David Barron - which as far as in interviews he comes off as a basic minded person along for the ride. The only thing that has me pumped is that Jo is writing this. I hope it ends up appealing to the masses and creates a new era of storytelling without a castle and trio. She has so many artistic liberties and freedoms that I do have faith in the writing because she has a complete hold on her creations. Granted this is her first time writing a script as well but I'm more than positive it will go well. I have faith in her. It's just the direction I'm worried about...and if they get talentless hacks like Nicholas Hooper (seriously. I never looked at his IMDB until today and how the fuck did he get handed the rights to HP?! "oh I've shot a few nature documentaries. I'm perfect" Give his tracks ten more years and they will be dated, not timeless like the works of Williams or Desplat) or the ever popular Mark Day. Let's not even go there.

    I hope...I genuinely hope Yates cant hand over whoever he's worked with before again onto one of the biggest Book/Film/Etc properties in human existence. This is my point. Looking back on all of the films, there was such a potential for the highest of quality. I feel like we got that with parts of films 1,3, & 7.5. The rest I am not so kind on any longer. GOF and HBP are the worst in my eyes. I cannot even watch most of the films anymore...I don't know gang. Maybe I just lost touch with being a fan, maybe I grew up, maybe I just don't care any longer. The 1-7.5 series doesn't make me happy any longer. I've shouted out enough of my boisterous opinions on the matter. I just hope as the announcements for cast and crew start coming out we start seeing something fresh. Keep Stuart Craig, Desplat, and a couple of others. However if we get Hooper, Mark Day, etc then I will begin to get very worried. This is a new series so it should feel fresh yet a taste of the familiar. Please Yates don't fuck this up. lol
  • Re: New Harry Potter Toys, Plush & More

    If they sell the exact same Quidditch jumpers as in the UK (same wool and all), they are absolutely WONDERFUL. I'd recommend it to all of you. I love my Hufflepuff sweater. It's so warmmmm and cosy.

    Yep same company :D I agree! The Slytherin one I got is fantastic. These are finally being imported here in the states :D

    Oh my, how I would love to see you wear it! Haha
    When I go back home in a few weekends I'll have to take a selfie in it and tag you :P
  • Re: Divergent Series - Insurgent Official Thread

    This movie looks so bland, the only thing saving it for me is the soundtrack and even then it's sad hearing Zedd making a song that tastes like Valentines Day. Some of my favorite artists are on the Soundtrack so I cant wait to hear some of these tracks roll out for the
  • Re: Official Fantastic Beasts Thread - DAVID YATES TO DIRECT FIRST FILM

    I'd honestly like to see J.K Rowling attempt to direct. That way we know that we'd be seeing the movie the way that she wanted it to be seen.

    That would be like throwing someone who can't swim into the ocean. What does she know about framing, pacing, directing actors etc? Directing is a skill like any other.
    Stephen Chbosky did just fine.
  • Re: American Horror Story

    My thoughts exactly :/

    It made me appreciate Asylum more though!