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  • Re: In which kissing scene do you think the couple exhibited the best chemisty?

    I am not a shipper, especially for a shitty set of fiction books.

    If my choice is invalid, as you imply, then why the fuck is it a poll choice?

    Go fuck yourself, you trite little cunt.
  • Re: In which kissing scene do you think the couple exhibited the best chemisty?

    LOL! Do you really want me to say the actors as well? Are you that fucking stupid that you couldn't figure it out? For the uninitiated: Harry is portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe and Hermione is played by Emma Watson.

    I'll amend my post for the lazy: I never said best kiss. I am obviously referring to the chemistry. You actually believed Harry [Dan] and Hermione [Emma] felt greatly about one another. It was intense chemistry.

    Happy now, asshole?
  • Re: Rate/Review the Last Movie or TV Show You Watched

    If you only had an idea of what we learn in film school, I would already respect you. But you have none.

    Just to illustrate, here are some of the subjects I had:

    Scriptwriting Structuring
    Art History
    Movie History
    Scriptwriting Techniques
    Film Theory
    Film Criticism
    Cinematography and Lighting
    Sound Editing
    Post Production and Visual Effects
    Cast Direction
    Film Legislation and Ethic
    Scenography and Art Direction
    Film Business and Market Studies

    If you can learn everything by yourself, good luck my friend. If you think that understanding movies is posting shitty and poorly written little paragraphs reviewing films in a forum on the internet, I maintain my opinion that you are a very ignorant person.
    That is what I've been looking for. Thanks for the list. The only things I see on that list that would remotely need training would be the technical stuff. Writing? No. Film theory? No. Film criticism? No. Film legislation and ethics? No. All of these can be learned by reading books. It's as simple as teaching yourself algebra by reading books. ANd how hard would it be to learn which books are assigned for these courses? Hell, you can go to my university's website and find out what books are required for the useful stuff. But I don't expect art cunts like yourself to go out of your way to attempt that. We can't be learning anyfing usefull, can we?

    Ry, why didn't you flag his post when he called me ignorant? Inconsistent cunt you are, yes.
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