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Welcome to Harry Potter Forum! Below you will find many interesting threads and discussions. Enjoy.

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  • BREAKING NEWS: Warner Bros. announces new ‘Harry Potter’ movies with J.K. Rowling as screenwriter

    I'd honestly like to see J.K Rowling attempt to direct. That way we know that we'd be seeing the movie the way that she wanted it to be seen.
    That would be like throwing someone who can't swim into the ocean. What does she know about framing, pacing, directing actors etc? Directing is a skill like any other.
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  • J.K. Rowling Regrets Ron and Hermione’s Relationship

    lolololololololololololololololololol every steve kloves hater at that harry/hermione stuff is now shitting themselves hahaha I LOVE IT

    I don't think people hate Kloves for his obvious Harry/Hermione bias, but more for his pathetic, horribly simplified rendering of the characters. Of course, simple minds like simple things, so a lot of people enjoy the pigeon-hole way in which Kloves rendered the characters (Ron was 100% comic relief, Hermione was 100% super-girl). They were completely caricatures, and while the aforementioned simple minds might lap that up, I think a lot of people wanted more rounded characters.
    While the characters are not as rounded as in the books, I don't think it's too bad compared to your average CGI heavy blockbuster. As fans we tend to be more critical of things because we care about the universe and details more deeply than general audiences. Stepping out of that bubble, I find that the HP series as a whole has an emotional truthfulness to it that many other big fantasy or action blockbusters lack.
  • J.K. Rowling Regrets Ron and Hermione’s Relationship

    I agree. Just notice how the characters we're just like in the book in OOTP, the only film that wasn't written by Kloves.
    OOTP did depict the characters quite well and effectively. The scenes between Harry and Sirius Black were nice, Harry's anger and frustration at being misunderstood and ignored was emphasized just enough without going melodramatic about it, Umbridge is probably the most hated character in the series in all her sugar sweet pink evilness, Neville got more of a background history this time around and Luna and Bellatrix were some fresh additions. I would however have emphasized the Dumbledore/Harry dynamic even more and given it a more satisfying pay-off akin to the book.
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  • JK Rowling regrets killing Voldemort and letting Harry live

    I actually wouldn't mind Harry dying in the forest if Voldemort was killed by Neville. That would be an interesting turning point proving that Voldemort, Dumbledore and the entire wizarding world were wrong all the time about whom the prophecy spoke of.

    That being said, I'm fine with the ending as it is. It's rather poetic that the boy who lived survived once again and became the master of death
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  • BREAKING NEWS: Warner Bros. announces new ‘Harry Potter’ movies with J.K. Rowling as screenwriter

    I've been thinking, what if this series is better than the Harry Potter series? Wouldn't that be incredible?
    I'm sure they will be lighter in tone, much like the Hobbit movies in comparison to the LotR. They probably won't have the same sense of gravitas as the Potter movies, but they could be equally good for what they are. I do doubt the plot would be as unique and skillfully constructed as HP and the characters as distinctive and memorable, but they may be more consistent in the world building aspect considering Rowling knows the entire story as she pens it unlike the filmmakers did when they started on PS all those years ago. While the Potter movies succeeded at production design, visual effects, cinematography, atmosphere and emotion, they were far from perfect in establishing the rules of the magical world; there were some inconsistencies between or even within the movies (the same could be said for the books to a lesser degree) and at times the magic didn't feel fully realized. I think the Fantastic Beasts movies will have better consistency, but I predict they are less likely to be considered classics in the future. The Harry Potter series isn't popular and memorable merely because of the magic, but also for the characters and the fantastic story.

    I do hope most of the old crew returns, especially Stuart Craig. The production design of the Potter movies is probably the best thing about them. As far as directors are concerned, I trust Heyman hires someone talented. He may surprise us again just like he surprised us by hiring a fairly unknown TV director in Yates. However this time around I don't want Yates to direct because the material seems lighter. Yates is more of a drama director; his strengts are quiet, intimate moments of reflection, for instance the opening scene with Snape in DH 2 in all its visual poetry. He can certainly do fantasy and is particularly skilled at the visuals, but the magic wasn't always fully realized nor as original/creative/spectacular at it could have been (for example re-using priori incantatem over and over in DH2 rather than taking it all out as far as visual effects are concerned). I also think Yates prefers to direct darker and more mature material than Fantastic Beasts appears to be and he probably needs a break from anything Potter related, so my guess is that he will turn down the offer if asked. Personally I would like Cuaron to direct again. He has an eye for emphasizing background details, making the universe seem so much more alive around the characters. He certainly knows how to engage the audience into his cinematic universes.
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