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  • Re: Welcome to HPF: Rules and Announcement Thread

    Thanks! I just scored Quidditch Ron and they were hard to get. Living in NY allowed us to capture these awesome memories even if it meant waiting out in twenty degree temps at night. I have the Dark Mark on my leg.....I know the forearm would have been awesome but I didn't want to come down the arms that far due to work rules....bummer. This is a great site! Thanks!!
  • Re: Welcome to HPF: Rules and Announcement Thread

    Lemon Sherbert! Am i in? Great! Name is Eric and I became a huge Harry Potter fan by sharing the books and movies with my son. Now I am collecting Noble Collection & Gentle Giant pieces (have a lot of great ones), met Daniel Radcliffe after his How to Succeed play (he was so cool - signing and giving pictures to my son and his friend), I have a lot of the Autographed cards including the Triple one with all 3 on one card, met Alan Rickman after a play in Brooklyn and we got John Hurt to autograph our Ollivander wand boxes from Wizarding World. So along with my son we have become HUGE fans and we watch the movies all the time. Even have a Dark Mark & Deathly Hallows tattoo (me, not my 14 year old son Brandon). So I am excited to see what fun this site brings to our Fandom. PS: 23 days to Wizarding World in Florida!!