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  • Re: Welcome to HPF: Rules and Announcement Thread

    Hi I'm Char.

    Fell in love with harry potter when i was 5... I saw the first film before i read the books, but that's when the obsession began! My mum and elder sister were going to watch it in the cinema, and I (at the last second), decided I wanted to go too (not knowing either what film we were going to see; nor how dramatically this event would change my life forever). My sister tried to convince me not to go, as I would be 'scared' by the ghosts. How glad I am I ignored that! Over two thirds of my life have henceforth been devoted to this wonderful story.

    It was my partner who recently suggested i find a harry potter forum to go on (since i never stop talking about it) and i realised what a great idea that would be. Yes i am as sad as i sound... but it's what I love so who cares?!
  • Re: Welcome to HPF: Rules and Announcement Thread

    @rustybones that looks disgusting
    if you think so
    im glad that you think being a lesbian makes a person more intriguing.
  • Re: The Casual Vacancy Official Thread - New Book by Jo (ATTENTION SPOILER)

    Encountering words like fag, fucker, fuck, breasts, erection, masturbation, balls etc and I haven't even reached Page 30. :-?

    I sincerely hope Jo didn't want to prove a point as in 'Hey you bitches (critics)...enough of calling "Harry Potter is for children"...I can write adult stuff as well.' :))

    No, she has expressed clearly that she didn't want to prove a point. This is a personal book for her. A book she has worked on for five years. A book she didn't have to publish in order to pay her bills.
    A book she even considered giving out under a pseudonym to avoid public attention. That doesn't sound like a person who wants to prove a point, but rather someone who loves writing and doesn't care that her new novel may weaken her reputation as a writer.
    I think the operative word here is 'considered'.
    Good for her for wanting to write what she wants, without letting Harry Potter constrain her or hold her back. However, I personally do not believe she would have had the bravery to have published under pseudonym.